SMM® Realtor


How much Time and Money would you save – If you only met with people when they had made the choice and were ready to buy?

How much more money could you make – If all of your time was spent in productive and financial producing activities?

How Much Time and Money would you save if:

You did not have to drive clients all over town looking at 10’s of houses only to find out what they wanted

You only had to meet clients at a home for a final showing after they have already seen the house

if you could work smart instead of hard — How much more money would you make with all of your

Smart Mobile Marketing ( SMM® Realtor) is a best-in-class mobile marketing service for real estate professionals featuring:

  • Integrated Real Estate
  • Text Messaging,
  • Mobile Web,
  • Social Networking
  • QR technologies

As an agent or broker, you can generate real-time real estate leads by promoting your listings on cell phones through the use of our proprietary marketing platform.

With SMM® Realtor, you can customize your own reusable real estate text IDS and QR codes offering buyers on-demand access to all your listings from their cell phone by sending a single text message and/or scanning an individual QR code.

With every text message inquiry, you get the phone number of the buyer for direct follow-up. With Our Additional SMM® Realtor SMS Manager you can have an automated SMS messaging service notifying clients of any new properties once they request that information.

Your system can be setup to send your listings directly to your FACEBOOK and TWITTER  accounts.

SMM® Realtor doesn’t require the installation of any mobile applications (for the end user or the agent/broker)!

It’s formatted and designed to work on all text and web-enabled cell phones.

A few SMM® Realtor features and benefits worth mentioning include: Unlimited Listings (Text IDs)

  • Unlimited Messaging
  • Unlimited QR Codes
  • Unlimited Mobile Websites
    • Photos, Videos, Maps, More
    • Twitter/Facebook Integration
    • Real-Time Real Estate Leads
    • Custom Mobile Branding