How Smart Mobile Realtor Works?

Smart Mobile Realtor is a best-in-class mobile marketing service for real estate professionals featuring integrated real estate text messaging, mobile web, social networking and QR technologies.

As an agent or broker, you can generate real-time real estate leads by promoting your listings on cell phones through the use of our proprietary marketing platform. With Smart Mobile Realtor, you can customize your own reusable real estate text IDS and QR codes offering buyers on-demand access to all your listings from their cell phone by sending a single text message and/or scanning an individual QR code.

With every text message inquiry, you get the phone number of the buyer for direct follow-up. We can also post your listings direct to your  FACEBOOK and TWITTER for you or you can take advantage of our Free Matching Website offer with your only cost being the hosting. We setup those sites with built in FACEBOOK and TWITTER connections so that you can post to  FACEBOOK and TWITTER  through a single mouse click to maximize exposure for your home selling clients.

Also available for a small upgrade fee, is the ability to blast your listings to all of you mobile numbers that you collect.

Smart Mobile Realtor doesn’t require the installation of any mobile applications (for the end user or the agent/broker)! It’s formatted and designed to work on all text and web-enabled cell phones.

A few Smart Mobile Realtor features and benefits within your plan limits that are worth mentioning include:

  • Unlimited Listings (Text IDs)*
  • Unlimited Messaging
  • Unlimited QR Codes
  • Unlimited Mobile Websites*
  • Photos, Videos, Maps, More
  • Twitter/Facebook Integration
  • Real-Time Real Estate Leads
  • Custom Mobile Branding

* These are based on plan chosen.  There may be monthly total limits based on your chosen plan.